How to Choose a Binding Machine

In order to choose the best binding machine to serve your needs, you first need to carefully assess your needs. You then need an understanding of what’s on offer in the market, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the various binding machines that are out there. With a little thought and research you can have all the information you require to make the best decision on the right binding machine for you.10 

 What do you want to do with your binding machine?

Are you going to use your binding machine for professional reports or briefs? Or is your use more of a personal nature. Would you like to bind your written works – stories, poems, or journals? Or is it going to be for school assignments and projects? If your machine is for home use, it can be a relatively technologically simple low-cost machine. However, if you hope to create sleep, professional documents for circulation to clients and business executives you may want to invest more in a bigger machine with greater features. Knowing how you will use the machine can help decide what you should get.

 What features will be most important in your binding machine? 

While all binding machines will do the basic job of keeping your pages together in an orderly fashion, there are various features that different machines can provide. Will your document be passed around a lot and photocopied often? Will it need to be edited frequently, thus making sure the bind should not be permanent? Should it be reasonable, so that a low-cost machine with cheap accessories will be more acceptable? Or does it need to be a secure document that is also tamper-proof, so that your binding can ensure the safety and durability of the document?

 Which binding style matches your needs best?

A thermal binding machine will create sleek, professional looking documents that do well at work, or create book-like bindings that can be used to self-publish a novel. A Velobind machine will help you create secure, tamper-proof, photocopy-proof documents that are durable, and can also handle thicker documents. A plastic comb binding machine is affordable and offers versatility in size, color and width of binding. It is also easy to undo and redo the comb binding so if it is a document that will be edited frequently, then this will be the best way to go. Finally, a spiral binding machine will use a wire coil that will allow pages to turn all the way back offering greater readability, but is more permanent as it is difficult to undo the coil.

11Figuring out the answers to the above three questions will help you understand what is the best kind of binding machine that suits your own specific needs. When looking online for the right machine ensure you also take into consideration other details, such as warranty protection, possibility of parts replacement and repair, and easy availability. Equipped with this research you will be on your way to a great binding machine that will make every kind of document secure and presentable.

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